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A set of tools for writing JavaScript code once that runs on the command line, browser, and more.

Project Status

Final is in early (pre-1.0) development. It is usable, but its API may change frequently until it reaches 1.0. Additionally, several core features (and runners) have not been implemented yet.


The examples below can be run in a Node.js script or shell.

Getting Started

First, create an instance of Command with a function implementing the Command's core. Skip to the Usage section for more information about how to write Commands.

var adder = new final.Command(options => {
  var first = parseInt(options.first, 10)
  var second = parseInt(options.second, 10)
  return first + second

This Command exposes a run() method which wraps the given core with some extra type conversion and validation. This is the recommended way of running Commands. Note that your core function should treat all options as Strings, since all inputs and outputs are converted to and from Strings by the run() method.

var result ={ first: 1, second: 2 }) // this returns a String

API Runner

Final can generate callbacks for Node's http.Server class, allowing you to wrap Commands in web APIs. You can also embed Commands in larger Node web apps.

new final.API(adder).run()

Here, Final starts a web API at localhost:3000 that wraps your Command. You can call it with HTTP requests like GET localhost:3000?first=1&second=2, and you will get a plain text response with the result.

CLI Runner

Final can create command line interfaces around your Command.

new final.CLI(adder).run()

Final will read arguments from the shell command running this JavaScript code, and then it will immediately run the Command with the given options and print the result to STDOUT. For example, try putting this in add.js and running node add --first 1 --second 2 in the same directory.


  1. Install Node.js (version 4 or higher)
  2. npm install --save final
  3. var final = require ('final')


ISC (it's similar to MIT, but simpler)

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