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Fill out Mustache-style templates for any file quickly and easily.


  1. sudo npm install fill-template -g
  2. Open Terminal and move to the desired directory
  3. fill-template and follow instructions

That's it!


  • -t filename.txt or --template example.txt
    • File to use as a template (default template.txt)
  • -e encoding or --encoding encoding
    • Encoding of the template (default utf8)
  • -o example.txt or --output example.txt
    • Name of output file (default output.txt)

Changing the Template

Everything that happens in the script is based on the template file. fill-template scans the template (default templates/template.css) for Mustache-style placeholders, then prompts the user for values to fill those placeholders.

For example, if template.css just contained this:

html {
    color: {{ background-color }};

then running fill-template would ask you for the background-color:

prompt: background-color (required): [your hex value here]

and would result in this CSS file:

html {
    color: [your hex value here];


You can also specify a default value for a placeholder:

html {
    color: {{ background }};
body {
    color: {{ body-background default:background }};

Name the placeholder as usual, then indicate a default value to look for with default:[default-value-name]. This falls back on the default value if the user doesn't specify the value in the prompt.


You can specify types for placeholders:

html {
    color: {{ background type:hex }}

Valid types are:

  • string (default)
  • hex
  • number

Version 2.0.1