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Javascript drag and drop used by filestack

Filestack Drag And Drop

With Filestack-Drag-and-Drop you can easily add drag-and-drop file uploading support to your website. You only need 3 lines of code to make any element on your page able to do that. Filestack-drag-and-drop is a frontend to our JavaScript SDK library.

Getting Started

UMD module

To integrate FIlestack-Drag-and-Drop with your web application simply include our UMD module in your code:

<script src="//{MAJOR_VERSION}.x.x/filestack-drag-and-drop.min.js"></script>

Add an element to your page:

<div class="drop-container">Drag and Drop</div>

and initialize Filestack Drag and Drop:

const filestackDnD = new filestackDnD.init('API_KEY', document.querySelector('.drop-container'));

That's it. Now your page element handles the upload by dropping a file on it.

Example initialization with filestack Client:

const filestackClient = filestack.init('API_KEY');
const filestackDnD = new filestackDnD.init(filestackClient, document.querySelector('.drop-container'));

Example initialization with Options (only image, max size: 1024, max files: 2):

const config = {
  accept: ['image/*'], // default empty array - all files
  maxSize: 1024, // default 0 - no limit
  maxFiles: 2, // default 0 - no limit
  failOverMaxFiles: false, 

const filestackDnD = new filestackDnD.init('API_KEY', document.querySelector('.drop-container'), config);

Example initialization with sdkConfig:

const sdkConfig = {
  cname: 'cname_test',
  security: {
      policy : 'policy_test',
      signature: 'signature_test'

const filestackDnD = new filestackDnD.init('API_KEY', document.querySelector('.drop-container'), null, null, testConfig);


Subresource Integrity (SRI) is a security feature that enables browsers to verify that files they fetch (for example, from a CDN) are delivered without unexpected manipulation. It works by allowing you to provide a cryptographic hash that a fetched file must match

To obtain sri hashes for filestack-tools library check manifest.json file on CDN:{LIBRARY_VERSION}/manifest.json
<script src="//{LIBRARY_VERSION}/filestack-drag-and-drop.min.js" integrity="{FILE_HASH}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Where {LIBRARY_VERSION} is currently used library version and {FILE_HASH} is one of the hashes from integrity field in manifest.json file




constructor(apikey: string | Client, element?: HTMLElement, options?: OptionsInterface, sdkConfig?: ClientOptions)
Name Type Description
apikey string | Client Application ApiKey or instance Client from filstackSDK
element (optional) HTMElement The HTML element that should listen to events
options (optional) OptionsInterface Settings related to uploading
sdkConfig (optional) Client Settings for SDK


Name Type Description
elementsHelper ElementHelper Manages elements
eventEmitterHelper EventEmitter Manages events
uploadsHelper UploadHelper Manages uploading
filstackSdk Client Client form filstackSDK

Example: Use elementsHelper - set new HTMLElement:


Use eventEmitterHelper - listen to events:

filestackDnD.eventEmitterHelper.on('dragover', (res) => {console.log(e)})

Use uploadsHelper - set Upload Options:


Use filstackSdk - open picker:



Name Parameters Description Return
setElements elements: HTMLElement | HTMLElement[] | NodeListOf Adds elements to support Drag and Drop void
setUploadOptions uploadOptions: UploadOptions Adds an option to upload files void
on event: string, ...args: any[] Listening to events. List of available events void
emit event: string, listener: Listener Sending events. List of available events void



Name Type Description
elements HTMLElement[] Manages elements


Name Parameters Description Return
setElement element: HTMLElement Adding an item. Previous elements are overwritten void
setElements elements: HTMLElement[] | NodeListOf Adding items. The previous ones are overwritten void
addElement element: HTMLElement Adding element to the list void
addElements elements: HTMLElement[] | NodeListOf Adding items to the list void



Name Parameters Description Return
setUploadOptions uploadOptions: UploadOptions Set upload Options void
setStoreUploadOptions storeUploadOptions: StoreUploadOptions Set store upload options void
setSecurity security: Security set security config void


You can interact programmatically with Filestack Drag and Drop

How to listen to events

filestackDnD.on('eventName', (e) => {console.log(e)});
Name Description Return
successReadFile Reading files through browsers SuccessReadFileInterface
progress Checking the progress ProgressInterface
dragover Event triggered when an object is dragged over an element added to Drag and Drop { elementId: string, data: DragEvent }
dragleave Event triggered when the user moves the cursor outside a Drag and Drop supported item { elementId: string, data: DragEvent }
drop Event triggered when user drops a file over an item { elementId: string, data: DragEvent }
uploadFileFinish Event triggered when uploading a file is successful { elementId: string, files: NormalizeFileInterface[], data: res }
error Event triggered when there are some errors e.g. wrong file format, problems with uploading etc EventInterface

How to send events

filestackDnD.emit('eventName', { elementId: null, fileId: id });
  • elementId: string - This is the identifier of the HTML element. A unique attribute is added: "data-fs-dnd-element-id" To every element added to DragAndDrop.
  • fileId: string - Each file has its own unique Id.

If we send an elementId to some event, the event will be called for all files added to this element. If we send only fileId the event will be fired only for the specific file

Name Description
pause Stops the upload
resume Resumes the upload
cancel Aborts file upload

Examples of usage

Take a look at the examples folder as well. We show various use cases there (example_simple.html):

Multiple drag and drop elements on the page (example_multi_pane.html):

List of uploaded files with progress (example_file_lists.html):


We follow the conventional commits specification to ensure consistent commit messages and changelog formatting.




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