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    Spy on files



    • Emits files only
    • Crawls asynchronously before watching
    • Powered by @parcel/watcher for native performance, event throttling, and Watchman support
    • Tolerates permission errors
    • Has powerful pattern syntax
    • Handles renamed directories properly
    • Exposes the paths being watched
    • Exposes the paths that were skipped
    • Ensures file paths use forward slashes
    • Protects against reentrancy by using setImmediate before emitting
    • Splits up long-running listeners with setImmediate
    • Crashes if you don't handle error events
    • Waits for root directory to exist



    import filespy from 'filespy'
    const spy = filespy(process.cwd(), {
      only: ['*.[jt]sx?'],
      skip: ['node_modules'],
    }).on('all', (event, file, stats, cwd) => {
      // "file" argument is relative to "cwd"
      // "stats" is from lstat call
      if (event == 'create') {
        // File created.
      } else if (event == 'update') {
        // File changed.
      } else {
        // File deleted.
    }).on('error', error => {
      // Permission error or watcher failed.
    }).on('ready', () => {
      // Initial crawl completed. Watcher initialized.
    spy.dirs // Set of watched directories.
    spy.files // Sorted list of watched paths (even directories).
    spy.skipped // Sorted list of existing paths that were skipped.
    // List all watched paths within a watched directory.
    // Returned paths are relative to cwd.
    // Stop watching.



    interface {
        event: 'create' | 'update' | 'delete',
        /** Path relative to cwd */
        file: string,
        /** Equals null for "delete" events */
        stats: fs.Stats | null, //
        /** The root directory */
        cwd: string
      ): void
      /** Permission error or watcher failure */
      error(error: Error): void
      /** Directory was crawled */
      crawl(dir: string, cwd: string): void
      /** Watcher is ready */
      ready(): void
      /** File created */
      create(file: string, stats: fs.Stats, cwd: string): void
      /** File changed */
      update(file: string, stats: fs.Stats, cwd: string): void
      /** File deleted */
      delete(file: string, cwd: string): void


    Pattern syntax

    Filespy mixes globbing with regular expressions, a concept borrowed from Recrawl.

    1. When a path has no separators (/), only the basename is matched.
    '*.js' // matches 'a.js' and 'a/b.js'
    1. Recursivity is implicit.
    'a/b' // identical to '**/a/b'
    1. Use a leading separator to match against the root.
    '/*.js' // matches 'a.js' not 'a/b.js'
    1. Use a trailing separator to match all descendants.
    'foo/' // matches 'foo/bar' and 'foo/bar/baz' etc
    1. Regular expression syntax is supported. (except dot-all)
    '*.jsx?' // matches 'a.js' and 'b.jsx'
    '*.(js|ts)' // matches 'a.js' and 'b.ts'
    1. Recursive globbing is supported.
    'foo/**/bar' // matches 'foo/bar' and 'foo/a/b/c/bar' etc


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