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Filepicker Server-side Library

The fantastic folks at have a service that allows for easy storage of files, primarily on the client-side. There may, however, be instances in which you want to put photos from the server-side into your Filepicker bucket.

That's where this library comes in. Modified from the client library maintained by the Filepicker staff, this server-side library simply makes RESTy requests.


Through NPM

$ npm install filepicker

or using Git

$ git clone git:// node_modules/filepicker/

API/How to Use

This library only implements one of the methods from the client library (getUrlFromData) as well as two methods more suited to a Node environment


var Filepicker = require('filepicker');
var filepicker = new Filepicker('YOUR_API_KEY');


  1. getUrlFromData

    • A direct translation from the client library, stores contents of a file
    filepicker.getUrlFromData("some text to store", {persist:true}, function(err, url) {
        console.log("my file is stored at "+url);
  2. getUrlFromUrl

    • Makes a request to the specified location, and stores the data found there on Filepicker
    filepicker.getUrlFromUrl('', {persist:true}, function(err, url) {
        console.log("the picture at is now stored at "+url);
  3. getUrlFromBuffer

    • Stores a Buffer on Filepicker
    fs.readFile('/myfile.txt', function(err, buf) {
        filepicker.getUrlFromBuffer(buf, {persist:true}, function(err, url) {
            console.log("myfile.txt is now stored at "+url);