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A UI-less Component that helps automate the tedious stuff associated with doing file uploads. BYO-UI

npm version



npm install file-uploadlet --save

You can use any of the builds in the dist folder to meet your project needs.

Using CanJS's built-in support for StealJS, you can now import the module directly inside your templates. For example:

<can-import from="file-uploadlet"/>
<file-uploadlet {(files)}="files"
  <!-- Insert UI Here -->


The <file-uploadlet> UI-less, so Bring Your Own UI. It is meant to be used as a wrapper for your UI. Set up the bindings in your template on the viewModel/HTML attributes and you have a sweet little uploader.

Once you have your template ready to go, you'll need to setup a UploadModel in the parent component.

Setting up an UploadModel

This package includes a handy makeUploadModel utility to get file uploads working quickly. Import it into your parent component's viewModel and set it up like this:

import {makeUploadModel} from 'file-uploadlet';
// TODO: Finish this.

For an easy way to input files, install the file-droplet component from NPM and wrap it around this one.

<can-import from="file-droplet"/>
  <file-uploadlet {(files)}="files"

You can also install the file-input-button from NPM and put it inside this component to use the browser's file select dialog.


HTML Attributes for Configuration / Input

  • extensions: A comma-separated list of the allowed file extensions. If it's not provided, all extensions are allowed. Use "no-ext" to allow files without extensions. A file with the wrong extension it will have its state set to errored.
  • min-file-size: The minimum file size in bytes. A file that is too small will have its state set to errored.
  • max-file-size: The maximum file size in bytes. A file that is too big will have its state set to errored.

HTML Attributes for One-Way Binding

File state

A file can have one of the following states:

  • pending
  • uploading
  • uploaded
  • stopped
  • errored: Whenever a file is set to errored, the error message will be available on the files errorMessage attribute.

Overall Progress

A few of the included attributes exist to help with creating progress bars.

Progress Batches

Each file's batch attribute keeps track of which files belong to the current overall progress. The component's currentBatch increments after all current files have their status set to uploaded, stopped, or errored. A file's batch number is set to the currentBatch any time downloading begins. When a file is stopped, errored, its batch property is set to "none", which removes it from the current progress. Once the current batch resolves and the currentBatch number increments, the batch attribute is removed from the files in the finished batch.


Pull requests are welcome. Analyze the code. See where it needs improvement, and let me know. Please, help make it better!


Built with StealJS


npm i file-uploadlet

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