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build status # File Uploader

This module allows you to easily test the file uploading capabilities of your API by allowing you to perform a multipart file upload programmatically.


var uploader = require('file-uploader')
var file   // set to the path of the file you want to upload 
var cookie // set a cookie if you require authorisation 
var options = {
  host : 'localhost',
  port : 4000,
  path : '/upload',
  method : 'POST',
  encoding : 'utf8'
uploader.postFile(options, file, {Cookie: cookie}, function(err, res) {

Alternative: Superagent/Supertest

Recently I've been using the superagent and supertest modules to send/test file attachments. The interface is clean, and they provide other essential HTTP requesting and testing functionality. I recommend you try them out before doing anything else, ever.


Code originally taken(stolen?) from Anand Prakash:

Current version has slight modification and bugfixes.

If Anand Prakash wants to take ownership this repository, he's more than welcome to.

Test Image By Microchip08 (talk) as well as those of Image:Recycled kitten.jpg (Image:Recycled kitten.jpg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons