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Watches files for size changes in Node.js. Tiny, unit tested, and no dependencies.


    function callback(newSize, oldSize){
        console.log('The file size changed from ' + oldSize + ' to ' + newSize);

The watch method returns an EventEmitter. It takes the following parameters:

watch(fd, [interval], [onErr], [onReady])

  • fd - File descriptor (anything fs.stat accepts for a file descriptor)
  • interval - pause between checks in milliseconds.
  • onErr - Error handler. Users can listen for 'error' events themselves, but setting this avoids possible race conditions.
  • onReady - Same thing as onErr, but for 'ready' event.


  • 'sizeChange' - passes new size and old size to listeners.
  • 'ready' - passes initial size to listeners (called only once).
  • 'error' - Passes any error objects to listeners. Includes ENOENTs, so prepare for lots of those if the file is missing. Program will keep running regardless of whether this is listened to.


The watcher object (var watcher =, besides emitting events, also has a few additional features:

    watcher.stop(); // Stops watching the file 
    watcher.start(); // Resumes watching the file 
    console.log(; // Returns last known size.