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File Freezer

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You want this if:

  • you have 1 or a sequence of file(s) which must never change again once merged, and you want to guarantee this with more code and less human.


  • edits to already-applied migrations slipped past code review into master, and you want to prevent this from being possible by attaching a check to PR tests.

This approach is conceptually similar to a Merkle tree or blockchain, in that it signs each file with a comment hash such that a prior change would alter subsequent signatures, raising a red flag on the next check that either file or sequence integrity was not preserved.



/your/project> node file-freezer --help
    -f, --files [value]  glob string passed to to fetch file sequence
                        (defaults to "./migrations/**/*.@(js|sql)")
    -h, --help           Output usage information
    -r, --readOnly       Whether to write signatures to files or error in their absence.
                         Useful for tests (disabled by default)
    -u, --uninstall      removes all signature comments from all files found via --files
                         (disabled by default)
    -s, --silent         log nothing out (disabled by default)


    // same option flags as cli above; example:


  1. it fetches globbed file strings, then for each in lexical filepath sequence:
  2. digests to a hash the concatenation of:
    • the previous token, if present
    • and the current file contents string minus any file-freezer token hash it detects
  3. looks for the hash in the original source string
    • if it finds it, good, it hasn't changed
    • if it finds no file-freezer hash
      • and readOnly is false, writes the hash in a comment atop the source
      • and readOnly is true, logs and exits with code 1
    • if it finds a different file-freezer hash, logs and exits with code 1

Attaching this to your tests with --readOnly will catch missing signatures and errant edits to desirably immutable files / sequences even if human reviewers do not.


  • " do I sign my new file(s) before commit?"
    • run the check locally (without the --readOnly option so it defaults to false and signs new files)
  • "...I have to change the latest uncommitted files, and they're already hashed!"
    • delete the hash comments atop the files and run it again, it'll update instead of alarm.


  • js (& sql?) AST-based hashing, so non-functional changes do not alter hash?


  • 2018-04-25 - altered token from /*FILE-FREEZER:<HASH>*/ to /* FILE-FREEZER:<HASH> */ to comport with common linter rules. The matching regex was also updated, so existing signatures should still be found.


npm i file-freezer

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