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    Fikon – export and compress assets from Figma documents

    Fikon is a CLI tool that uses the Figma API to export assets like icons and images. All you need to do is define export formats per asset in Figma.


    $ yarn add --dev fikon


    • Define exports in Figma (sizes like 512w etc. are not yet supported in the API. Scales like @2x work fine)
    • Get a personal access token for your figma user account. Either pass it to the CLI or set it as env variable (FIGMA_TOKEN)
    • Find the file id in the URL (the segment after /file/:<fileId>/doc-title)
    • Take note of the Page name (case sensitive) in the Figma document. It's used as a starting point for finding exportable assets. Alternatively you can pass in a node id (e.g. "453:8089") to narrow the search down to children of that node.

    The script uses the component name as a file name and creates a version for each export option, appending suffixes and format to the output files.

    Component names containing / or . characters get converted to _. Thus, icon/ with export settings of svg + @2x png results in two output files: icon_some_name.svg and icon_some_name@2x.png.


    $ fikon --help
      --token, -t   your Figma personal access token (or set the env var FIGMA_TOKEN)
      --file, -f    the id of the Figma file (found in the URL)
      --page, -p    the Page Name or node id (e.g. "453:89") from where to look for exportable assets
      --output, -o  destination directory, defaults to "assets/icons"
      --compress    compress exported files (svg/jpg/png) using imagemin
      --debug       enable to save the Figma API output as a .json file
      $ fikon --file 1LktYuGGSqZ5zwyDnXJmCA --page Icons --output assets/icons --compress


    This little utility was put together using figma-js, with much inspiration from the following libraries:

    • Figma Assets Generator – ideal when you want to export assets in a single format.
    • Figmint – besides assets, also exports colors and typography, can be used to exctract a styleguide or ui-theme from a Figma file.


    npm i fikon

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