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    Fifteen is a proportionally sized typeface optimized for source code. It was initially developed as an experiment in font metrics and has since evolved as my personal typeface for both source code and identity. As such, it is still very much under active construction and receives frequent updates.


    Downloads (.ttf and webfont)

    Check the releases for the latest stable version, or browse the most recent build in the repository.

    Webfont via CDN

    Add the following snippet to the <head> of your website. You can now use font-family: 'Fifteen-Web', sans-serif; in your CSS.

    By default, only the most used characters are included in the default webfont, and it is also limited to Regular (400), Bold (700) and Thin (100). Alternative endpoints can be found with a little digging.

    <link rel='stylesheet' href=''>

    Issues and suggestions

    If you run into any issue, or if you have a suggestion on how to improve fifteen, please submit it as an issue or email me at

    Planned changes and improvements

    • Italic variants
    • Extra Bold (800) and Black (900) variants
    • Improved spacing and kerning; a continuous effort
    • Extend glyphs to cover MES-2 and more punctuation, mathematics and various symbols
    • Improved hinting
    • Custom subsets/builds for webfonts
    • Alternate glyph designs
    • Improved distinction between ASCII and similar characters

    Check the TODO for additional specifics.

    Known issues

    • Glyphs with (complex) diacritics will most likely be clipped in certain software, especially on Windows.
    • Many text editors do not support kerning in proportionally sized fonts.

    Development and contributions

    Because of the personal nature of this project, I am open, but also somewhat reluctant towards (substantial) contributions. Suggestions of whatever kind are very welcome!

    Fifteen is designed and developed using Glyphs which is a prerequisite for working from source.

    License and voluntary conditions

    Fifteen is released under the MIT License. I'm looking into switching to using the Open Font License, but that shouldn't change anything.

    While not strictly part of the license, if you intend to use Fifteen in a commercial project, a voluntary donation towards further development of fifteen, or a charity focused on the environment, is welcomed.

    If you end up using fifteen in whatever capacity, I'd very much like to hear about it.


    npm i fifteen

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