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    Publishing to npm

    Once you're ready to publish to npm. Run:

    • npm run buildNPM

    This command updates the version number of the repo and then the Travis CI would build and publish to npm.

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    This is Tquila ANZ UI library page, for some of these components they are data driven from Salesforce and there are some assumptions that will considered.

    Fiesta has both es6 Javascript and you can also implement Typescript.

    Some important items in package are under scripts, note for building Typescript:

        "test": "jest",
        "build": "npm run clean && npm run tsc --",
        "tsc": "tsc",
        "clean": "rimraf artifacts",
        "buildNPM": "npm run build && npm version patch --force && npm publish && git push"

    To run Typescript: npm build

    To publish to npm use: buildNPM

    Tquila ANZ Map

    import FiestaMap from "fiesta/tq-anz-map";

    This is the main component for maps, manually need to install google maps and registered a key with Google for iOS and Android.

    For Android you need to add permission in the Java.

    For iOS you need to add permission to plist.

    <string>My description about why I need this capability</string>
    <string>My description about why I need this capability</string>
    <string>My description about why I need this capability</string>

    Review this article for installion:

    Dependencies: React Native, react-native-maps please review

    Tquila ANZ Offline = IN PROGRESS

    import FiestaTqOffline from "fiesta/tq-anz-offline";

    Offline is for Salesforce Mobile SDK Soup and Sync

    Dependencies: React Native, Salesforce

    Tquila ANZ Cache = IN PROGRESS

    import FiestaTqCache from "fiesta/tq-anz-cache";

    Cache is slighly different to fiesta Offline, this is still handled offline rather as a read only cache after setting.

    Dependencies: React Native, Typescript

    Tquila ANZ Accordion

    import FiestaAccordion from "fiesta/tq-anz-accordion";

    This is the main component that allows the render of child items. This is in early stages for version 1.x.x this is the most important structure to any application.

    Dependencies: React Native, Salesforce, Fiesta

    Tquila ANZ Button

    import FiestaTqBtn from "fiesta/tq-anz-button";

    Dependencies: React Native

    Tquila ANZ Notes

    import FiestaTqNotes from "fiesta/tq-anz-notes";

    Dependencies: React Native

    Tquila ANZ Navigation

    import FiestaTqNotes from "fiesta/tq-anz-navigation";

    Currently supporting StackNavigator from 'react-navigation';

    Dependencies: React Native

    Tquila ANZ Copyright

    import FiestaTqCopyright from "fiesta/tq-anz-copyright";

    Props { name, version }

    Dependencies: React Native

    Tquila ANZ Camera

    import FiestaTqCamera from "fiesta/tq-anz-camera";

    Dependencies: React Native, React Native Camera Kit

    fiesta Unit Tests

    Unit Tests are based off Jest, to the run all test suites please do the following:

    1. cd fiesta/Fiesta
    2. npm run test

    Each test should match to each component in "fiesta" for example:


    fiesta demo app

    Can be found at:




    npm i fiesta

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