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Basic building blocks for computational design projects in JavaScript. Written in CoffeeScript for browser and server environments.


v.0.1.0 - 25/03/2013

Example 05

Finished all core parts of the physics simulation package. Apart from a few rough edges its already fairly usable as you can see in examples 04 + 05.


The library is starting to take shape now, among other things these are the main features so far:

[x] Building versions for web and backends.

[x] Installation via NPM.

[x] Physics: integrated a 2D + 3D physics simulation library. The main intention here is not to run X million particles but to have a library of effectors that can be combined and sequenced easily to create 'intelligent' behaviour and/ or to use it as building block for other simulations e.g. Ragdoll physics.

[x] Geometry: 2D + 3D vector math classes.

[x] Geometry: Lines, Splines.

[x] Time: A musical Tempo clock and Timer classes.


This is my latest attempt at combining useful computational design tools with core packages like Math, Colour and Physics into one cohesive library. I gave up on earlier projects either due to a lack of time or because the implementation language had to change and so on.

As our projects start to converge more and more towards using web tools, also in browser-less e.g. installation and generative projects, it seemed like a good idea to give this bundeling attempt another go.

Because of all this, please bear in mind that the codebase will change a lot for the next couple versions!



Install with $ npm install fieldkit and use the library in your Node/ CommonJS project.


  • Clone the git repository $ git clone
  • Install the dependent NPM libraries npm install.
  • Build the web + npm variants by running $ make in the project directory.


Having coffee-script installed somewhere on your path, you can start the example file webserver with cake examples.


Working with a library in development e.g. fieldkit.

Set up NPM to store packages under user folder

$ vi ~/.npmrc
prefix = /Users/marcus/Documents/Development/npm

Adjust PATH to find binaries installed with NPM

$ vi ~/.profile
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/marcus/Documents/Development/npm/bin/

Clone library

$ git clone
$ cd FieldKit

Create NPM package link $ npm link

In Composer project dir - link library into project $ npm link fieldkit

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Released under the BSD license. Full details in the included LICENSE file.

(c) 2013, Marcus Wendt