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Wrapper around the fibrous library to always use global fibrous.

Fibrousity can be used as a drop-in replacement for fibrous. The first time it is installed, it will install fibrous in /usr/local/lib/node/fibrous, which is then hooked into the fibrousity loader to ensure consistent global loading of a single fibrous module instance.

To install and use fibrous, simply:

npm install --save fibrousity

You may need to create /usr/local/lib/node/fibrous and assign appropriate permissions. Follow the instructions from the preinstall script.

Once installed, it can be used just like fibrous:

var fibrous = require('fibrousity');

Note: If you have multiple packages using fibrous, they should all use fibrousity instead of fibrous.

If you want the fibrous REPL command available, add the following to your $PATH, probably in your .bashrc:

export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/lib/node/fibrous/bin"