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Wrapper around http and https node.js libraries that uses fibers to improve ease of use.


var http = require('fibered-http');
var result = http.request({url: ''});
console.log("I have html baby! " + result.body);



Issues an http(s) request and immediately returns result, blocking fiber while waiting for a response. Automatically follows redirects unless explicitly told not to (see followRedirects option).


  • url - URL to fetch
  • query - Object of query parameters. Will be combined with any existing query parameters in path or url
  • protocol - used to select either http or https node.js library for underlying call
  • timeout - Sets a timeout. If timeout is triggered, request is cancelled and error is thrown
  • maxRedirects - Maximum number of times to follow a redirect
  • followRedirects - if false, will not automatically follow redirects
  • node.js http/https request options - Other options are automatically passed through to the underlying node.js http/https request call

returns object with

  • body - html response
  • headers
  • trailers
  • statusCode
  • httpVersion