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🚀 Just coding fibjs program with typescript


fib-typify allows you to write fibjs with typescript at compilation or at runtime. It depends on official typescript's internal compiler API.

As typescript is written with nodejs, it's not restricted in nodejs runtime only --- you can also compile typescript in browser or ANY other pure Javascript runtime. That is, you can use it in fibjs also.


  • fibjs >= 0.27.0


# locally
npm i -S fib-typify
# or globally
npm i -g fib-typify

Via Javascript

// entry.js
const vm = require('vm')
const typify = require('fib-typify')

    compilerOptions: {
        inlineSourceMap: true
}).sandbox().require('./index.ts', __dirname)

// index.ts
export function foo (str: string): string {
    return `hello, ${str}`



Started from 0.8.0, you can run ftsc, it's command line like tsc from typescript, but it's for fibjs.

# compile, source directory(such as `src/*` below) is required
./node_modules/.bin/ftsc src/* --outDir lib

Most general options of tsc are supported:

  • --target
  • --module
  • --moduleResolution
  • --jsx
  • --declaration
  • --declarationDir
  • --emitDeclarationOnly
  • --outDir
  • --allowJs
  • --noEmit
  • ...

You can just pass those options to ftsc as arguments(flags), just like what you did with tsc.

# compile your project's source to `lib` directory, with dts files emitted 🚀
ftsc ./src/* \ 
    --outDir ./lib \
    --declaration \
    --declarationDir ./typings \


Run .ts script directly.

./node_modules/.bin/fib-typify ./src/index.ts

Command above means compiling directory src to directory lib with configuration file .typify.json, which would be passed to typescript.transpileModule(input, moduleOptions) as 2nd param moduleOptions.

run valid resolvable script directly.

## which would try to run `./index.ts`, main script in `package.json`, './index.js', './index.json'...
fib-typify ./

## run `./src/index.js`, `./src/index.ts`, ...
fib-typify ./src

I only provided simple and crude error exception mechanism, so in some cases the error emitted may be not friendly as you like, it's welcome to take PR to help optimizting this part of fib-typify :)


-c, --config-file: equals to tsconfig.compilerOptions, would overwrite the one from tsconfig.json

-o, --out: (fallback to file when necessary,) equals to tsconfig.outDir, would overwrite the one from tsconfig.json

default tsCompilerOptions

internal default compilerOptions

    target: 'es6',
    module: 'commonjs',
    noImplicitUseStrict: true

Baisc Usage

  • loader(moduleOptions: any, sandBoxCfg?: SandBoxInitialConfig): ChainLoader

generate one ChainLoader

  • loader().sandbox(mods: object, require: Function, global: object, func?: SetLoaderCallback): Class_SandBox

generate one ChainLoader's sandbox

Advanced APIs

NOTE All TSCompilerOptions is just typescript's compilerOptions

  • generateLoaderbox(tsCompilerOptions: TSCompilerOptions, basedir: string)

generate one loaderBox with compilation options tsCompilerOptions.

  • registerTsCompiler(sandbox: vm.SandBox, tsCompilerOptions: TSCompilerOptions = defaultCompilerOptions)

register '.ts' compiler for one Sanbox which haven't been registered before.

  • loaderBox

default loaderBox of fib-typify, it use default tsCompilerOptions as compiler options for .ts.

  • defaultCompilerOptions

default typescript compiler options. More detail in typescript's compiler options


loaderBox is one new feature started from fib-typify>= 0.3, it depends on new API Sandbox::setModuleCompiler in fibjs>= 0.26.0, but it also work in fibjs >= 0.22.0 < 0.26.0 partly

require typescript directly by default loaderBox

// default-loader.js
const Typify = require('fib-typify')

const module = Typify.loaderBox.require('./index.ts', __dirname)

require typescript directly by customized loaderBox

// customized-loader.js
const Typify = require('fib-typify')

const loaderBox = Typify.loader({
    compilerOptions: {
        // enable some options as you like
        strict: true,
        diagnostics: true,
        allowJs: true,

const module = loaderBox.require('./index.ts', __dirname)


loaderBox Limitations when fibjs < 0.25.0

NOTE it's NOT recommended to use fib-typify in fibjs <= 0.26.x.

From fibjs 0.26.0, fibjs supports setModuleCompiler API which allow to customize compiler for module with explicit extension, so we can require typescript file directly by providing compiler for .ts file, which provided by fib-typify's loaderBox.

fib-typify also support loaderBox feature in lower version fibjs(< 0.25.0), but not full-feature support, so there are some advices for your application depending on fib-typify in fibjs(< 0.25.0):

  • always add .ts suffix in require and import statement(ESPECIALLY when you run typescript by fib-typify CLI directly!)
  • don't export interface in pure .ts file
  • dont't write loop-requirement with import statement in .ts, if you really do it, write = ... instead of export const xxx = ... in the loop requirement.

so it's better to upgrade fibjs to version>=0.25.0, best to >=0.26.0, which resolves typescript source faster than previous version fibjs in fib-typify.

compile .ts to .js before your deployment

By the way, although I have tested in some cases, but it's not enough to improve "fib-typify's loaderBox can run in production directly". In my own work, I use fib-typify's loaderBox to load all source code when app's in developing stage, but I would compile source to pure javascript code before publishing.

Just use command ftsc ./src/* --outDir ./lib --declaration to compile your source codes, shipped with all dts files :)

Contributors ✨

If you wanna contribute to this package, just learn about fibjs first, then fork this repo :)





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