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FeedHenry Stats Client

fh-statsc(1) -- The FeedHenry Stats Client

The Stats Client allows applications to send stats to the stats server

  • node.js

  • npm (the Node Package Manager)

fh-statsc is deployed using npm. The statsc package (fh-statsc-.tar.gz) can be installed via npm, either by copying the package to the local host or installing over http.

To install (on ubuntu):

sudo npm install fh-statsc-.tar.gz

The necessary node dependency modules are also installed automatically.

You can upgrade an existing intallation with the same command.

To run the Statsc Client you must pass a config file on the command line. For a sample configuration file, see 'dev.json' in the config directory.

E.g: fh-statsc /etc/feedhenry/fh-statsc/conf.json

It is not intended that the stats client be run as a server. It is a library that can be called from withing applications, and a commandline tool that can send stats to the stats server