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fh-mbaas-api provides FeedHenry MBaaS APIs for Node.js cloud apps.

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Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Build: npm
Issue tracker:
Mailing list: feedhenry-dev (subscribe)
IRC: #feedhenry channel in the freenode network.


fh-mbaas-api is included as standard with your cloud app code.

For custom apps, add the module via npm by running the following for the root of your app

npm install --save fh-mbaas-api

This will install the latest version of fh-mbaas-api and save the installed version in your package.json


Documentation for the $fh cloud API is maintained at the Red Hat Customer Portal.


Legacy Rhino functions have been deprecated. These are listed below - with their replacements in bold. All replacements listed but '$fh.web' have drop-in replacements available.

  • $fh.web -> request
  • $fh.log -> console.log
  • $fh.parse -> JSON.parse
  • $fh.stringify JSON.stringify


In order to run the tests, please make sure you have Docker installed.

Before running tests do:

npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli

Then to run the tests use npm test

On Windows, use npm run testwindows

API logging

Users of the fh-mbaas-api can then enable logging if they would like to see more output. This is useful for debugging purposes. It's possible to pass environment variables to enable the logging according the rules specified for debug module:

DEBUG="fh-mbaas-api:*" ./yourscript

If DEBUG_COLORS=0 is passed also it will print log messages with proper timestamps. This is automatically enabled outside properly supported terminal.

Contributing to fh-mbaas-api

Pull Requests

All PRs that involve a version bump to fh-mbaas-api to should also update the file in the root of the repo. All notable changes to the codebase since the last version bump should be included.

Commit Messages

All commit messages should adhere to the following standard:

<type>[optional scope]: <description> [issue reference**]
[optional body]
[optional footer]

** if commit relates to a specific JIRA/ issue ticket include the reference here.

Examples of commits following this convention:

  • bug-fixes: git commit -a -m "fix(parsing): fixed a bug in our parser (RHMAP-1234)"
  • features: git commit -a -m "feat(parser): we now have a parser \o/ (FH-3456)"
  • breaking changes:
git commit -a -m "feat(new-parser): introduces a new parsing library (FH-6789)
BREAKING CHANGE: new library does not support foo-construct"
  • other changes: git commit -a -m "docs: fixed up the docs a bit"