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Connect is an extensible HTTP server framework for node, providing high performance "plugins" known as middleware.

Connect is bundled with over 14 commonly used middleware, including a logger, session support, cookie parser, and more. Be sure to view the 1.0 documentation.


  • csrf
  • basicAuth
  • bodyParser
  • cookieParser
  • directory
  • errorHandler
  • favicon
  • limit
  • logger
  • methodOverride
  • query
  • responsetime
  • session
  • static
  • staticCache
  • vhost

Static file serving

The benchmarks below show the static() middleware requests per second vs static() with the staticCache() cache layer, out performing other popular node modules, while maintaining more features like Range request etc.

  • static(): 2700 rps
  • node-static: 5300 rps
  • static() + staticCache(): 7500 rps

Running Tests


$ npm install -d


$ make test


Below is the output from git-summary.

 project: connect
 commits: 1616
 files  : 168
  1086	Tj Holowaychuk
   298	visionmedia
   191	Tim Caswell
     8	Astro
     5	Nathan Rajlich
     4	Jakub Nešetřil
     3	Alexander Simmerl
     2	Jacques Crocker
     2	Andreas Lind Petersen
     2	Fabian Jakobs
     2	Aaron Heckmann
     2	James Campos
     1	nateps
     1	Gregory McWhirter
     1	Adam Malcontenti-Wilson
     1	Joshua Peek
     1	Jxck
     1	Eran Hammer-Lahav
     1	TJ Holowaychuk
     1	Bart Teeuwisse
     1	Aseem Kishore
     1	Guillermo Rauch
     1	Jakub Nesetril

Node Compatibility

Connect < 1.x is compatible with node 0.2.x

Connect 1.x is compatible with node 0.4.x and 0.6.x

Connect 2.x (master) will be compatible with node 0.6.x



View the LICENSE file. The Silk icons used by the directory middleware created by/copyright of FAMFAMFAM.