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fh-api is part two of a two-part replacement for fh-nodeapp. fh-api is the "fhserver" or $fh part of fh-nodeapp, which exposes the $fh cloud JavaScript API. The functions contained in fh-api are as before, with some deprecated functions listed below.


Add the following to the 'dependencies' section of your 'cloud/package.json' file:

"fh-api" : "*"


Documentation for the $fh cloud API is maintained at the FeedHenry API Docs.


Our Rhino Backwards Compatability functions have been deprecated. These are listed below - with their replacements in bold. All replacements listed but '$fh.web' have drop-in replacements available.

  • $fh.web -> request
  • $fh.log -> console.log
  • $fh.parse -> JSON.parse
  • $fh.stringify JSON.stringify