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    This tool allows you to create and distribute easy to use video encoding presets for ffmpeg.

    This tool will install the ffmpeg binary using ffbinaries. You do not need to manually download/install ffmpeg.

    Example usage:

    npx ffpreset [options] <presetRef> <videoFile...>


    • -r, --respawn: restart the ffmpeg process when it exits. If more than one file is specified then each will be processed before starting over from the first.

    presetRef is a reference to a preset file. It can be in one of these forms:

    • Shorthand form: a reference to a file in a git repo, it has three parts: username, repo, filename.
      • Example: joeflateau/ffpresets/my-preset.json gets translated to
      • You can omit the repo name, in which case the default of ffpresets will be used. You can also omit the file extension in which case the default of .json will be used.
      • Example: joeflateau/ffpresets/simple-example.json and joeflateau/simple-example are equivalent.
    • File reference form:
      • Reference a file on your computer (relative to cwd).
      • Example: file:../ffpresets/simple-example.json
    • Url reference form:
      • Reference a file by a full url
      • Example:

    An example of a preset:

      "args": [
        ["-i", "$input"],
        ["-c:v", "libx264"],
        ["-c:a", "aac"],
        ["-profile:v", "main"],
        ["-b:v", "1200k"],
        ["-b:a", "64k"],
        ["-vf", "scale=1280:-1"],
        ["-f", "mp4", "$inputFilename-compressed.mp4"],

    These args have replacements substituted and are passed to the ffmpeg binary. There are currently 3 replacements you can use in your preset: $input, which is the fill path to the video file; $inputFilename which is just the name of the video file without the directory or extension; and $inputBasename which is the filename with the extension but without the directory.

    Full usage example:

    npx ffpreset joeflateau/ffpresets/my-preset.json ~/Downloads/my-video-file.mp4


    npm i ffpreset

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