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This is an experimental repo whose sole purpose is to allow developing Firefox Developer Tools code in a normal HTML context. It originated from the devtools.html experiment.

The most important piece is a WebSocket transport that allows the page to connect to a remote Firefox debugger instance. This lets a normal HTML page access a real live debugging environment.

A lot of other dependencies are provided as well. If you develop against this, your code should run without changes just fine in the Firefox DevTools context as well.

Install it via npm:

npm install ff-devtools-libs

Connecting a remote is as easy as (see below for aliasing devtools to ff-devtools-libs):

const { DebuggerClient } = require('devtools/shared/client/main');
const { DebuggerTransport } = require('devtools/transport/transport');
const { TargetFactory } = require("ff-devtools-lib/client/framework/target");
const socket = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:9000");
const transport = new DebuggerTransport(socket);
const client = new DebuggerClient(transport);

And then you can make whatever API calls you need:

yield client.connect();
const response = yield client.listTabs();
const tab = response.tabs[response.selected];
const options = { form: tab, client, chrome: false };
const target = yield TargetFactory.forRemoteTab(options);
target.activeTab.attachThread({}, (res, threadClient) => {

You will need to create aliases for the top-level devtools and sdk paths. Example webpack config:

  resolve: {
    alias: {
      "devtools": "ff-devtools-libs",
      "sdk": "ff-devtools-libs/sdk"

Lastly, you need to run a separate proxy for this to work. This sets up a websocket connection that forwards everything to the native devtools TCP connection.

firefox-proxy [--web-socket-port 9000] [--tcp-port 6080]

firefox-proxy is installed with this module, and it exists at node_modules/.bin/firefox-proxy. It is recommend to run it in whatever run task you have in your npm scripts or gulpfile. It's a simple JS file in the bin directory, so you may run node node_modules/ff-devtools-libs/bin/firefox-proxy as well.




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