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Light-weight REST API framework, shipped with basic auth, generator and Waterline ORM. Written in coffeescript.

Why Fergus?

Fergus's aim is to enable anybody to get a RESTful API up and running in a matter of minutes. Based on (express) with cli service generators that generate all basic CRUD functionality as well as the Waterline ORM from Sails.js. It is also easy to add custom endpoints and route filters (middleware). A users service and basic authentication come with a fresh install.

Perfect for rapid prototyping of single-page apps but also able to scale nicely with adapters for different storage types (mongodb, mysql, etc).

No functionality of Waterline or express has been curtailed. The framework can be extended as you wish and modules can be plugged in as middleware on routes.


npm install fergus -g

Creating a new project

fergus new app_name
cd app_name

Starting a server

fergus start

Generating a service

fergus generate service service_name

For example:

fergus generate service car

Would create a car model and the corresponding CRUD actions and RESTful routes at api/services/

To do

  • User roles
  • Update/patch for multiple objects at once


Coffeescript please. Send pull-requests my way. Any feedback is more than welcome.