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Scene editor for lokijs game engine.


Scene editor for lokijs game engine. Saves scenes in JSON format for later loading by the running lokijs game.

A nodejs connect server with three functions:

  • Serve static assets from the current working directory to allow for game testing.
  • Serve fenrir web application from /fenrir endpoint.
  • Expose fenrir APIs for use by the web application at /fenrir/api.

fenrir will, on startup, search the package.json file of the current working directory, looking at the dependencies and devDependencies fields. fenrir will then load each module's package.json file from node_modules and look for a custom field named "fenrir". If found, that module will be assumed to be a fenrir extension and will be loaded into the running server as such.

What fenrir extensions actually look and work like is TBD.


It's "fenrir", all lowercase.