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Project Felina - Website

This is the web interface for Project Felina, a system for crowdsourcing wildlife media for use in computer vision research.


First install Node.js, which is needed for the build tools. This comes with npm, Node's package manager. Then run the following commands to build the site.

npm install -g bower grunt-cli  # Install globally required build tools
npm install    # Install development dependencies
bower install  # Install third-party client-side JavaScript libraries like jQuery
make build     # Build the site
grunt connect  # Run a local server to preview it

The website will then be accessible at http://localhost:9000/


The project is structured as follows:

  • data/: Contains dummy JSON data
  • html/: Contains static HTML, both full pages and shared fragments, that are assembled at compile-time.
  • img/: All images, including sample wildlife photograhy and icons.
  • js/: First-party JavaScript modules
  • stylus/: Stylus stylesheets that are compiled to CSS at compile-time.
  • templates/: HTML templates with variable placeholders that are dynamically populated with data from the server inserted into the DOM with JS at run-time.


Run grunt watch to automatically rebuild the site as you develop it. Note, to copy over images and vendor scripts to the build directory you must manually run make build for performance reasons, but everything else can be automated.



MIT licensed

Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Team Heisenberg