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This is a node API for Feedly


Install from NPM:

npm install --save feedly

Creating an instance

Create an instance:

var Feedly = require 'feedly'

var f = new Feedly({
  client_id: 'MY_CLIENT_ID',
  client_secret: 'MY_CLIENT_SECRET'
  port: 8080

Use the sandbox:

var Feedly = require 'feedly'

var f = new Feedly({
  client_id: 'sandbox',
  client_secret: 'Get the current secret from'
  base: ''
  port: 8080


The first non-trivial method call you make to the object will cause your default browser to pop up asking you to log in. When that process is complete, you will see a page served from http://localhost:8080/, which you can close. After that point, you won't need to log in again until your token expires (without your having called refresh in the meantime).

WARNING: by default, this will store your auth token and refresh token in
~/.feedly, unencrypted. Set the config_file options to null to prevent this behavior, but you will have to log in through the web site each time you create a new Feedly instance.

Callbacks and promises

Each method takes an optional node-style (error, results) callback. If you prefer a promise-style approach, you do without a callback, like this:

f.reads().then(function(results) {
    // process results
function (error) {
    // process error


Full documentation for the API can be found here.