Command line tool for creating Geotrigger rules features from a Feature Service.


A command line tool for creating Geotrigger Rules from an ArcGIS FeatureService.

Just install with NPM. You will need Node.js installed.

$ npm install -g featureservice2trigger

To print the full usage information just do...

$ featureservice2trigger

Here is an example of using featureservice2trigger to import a Feature Service of city parks.

$ featureservice2trigger --clientId=YOUR_CLIENT_ID --clientSecret=YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET --tag=parks --tag=portland --serviceUrl="http://services.arcgis.com/rOo16HdIMeOBI4Mb/arcgis/rest/services/Parks_pdx/FeatureServer/0" --notificationTemplate="Welcome to {{NAME}}"

Many of these options refer to parameters in trigger/create method of the Geotrigger Service API. You should familiarize yourself with the parameters for trigger/create before using this script.

clientIdRequired Application client id - http://developers.arcgis.com/en/applications/.
clientSecretRequired Application client secret - http://developers.arcgis.com/en/applications/.
serviceUrlRequired The URL of the Feature Layer you would like to import. You can find urls for your existing services at http://developers.arcgis.com/en/hosted-data/.
tagRequired Tag or tags to apply to the triggers created in the Geotrigger API. You can define tag as many times as you like to apply multipile tags to each trigger. Tags can also be Mustache templates so a feature with {type: School}and a template like"type-{{type}}will turn intotype-school`.
bufferIf you are importing point features, buffer them by this amount to create the trigger area. Defaults to 250 meters.
useFeatureIdsUse the ids of the features as the id of the trigger.
callbackUrlWhen the triggers condition is satisfied a POST request will be sent to this URL
notificationTemplateA Mustache template for the push notification. Feature attributes will be passed into the template context. So a feature with attributes like {NAME: Mt. Tabor Park} and a template like "Welcome to {{NAME}} will turn into Welcome to Mt. Tabor Park.
trackingProfileChanges the devices tracking profile to this when the trigger is fired. Should be off, adaptive, fine, or rough
directionThe direction the device shold be traveling to fire the trigger. Either enter or leave
authenticateIf the feature service you are trying to use requires authentication you must pass this flag to enable authentication. Defaults to false
concurrencyThe number of concurrent requests that will run. Reduce if you see errors, increse to increse import speed. Defaults to 50

Feature Services should be hosted on arcgis.com or an on-premise ArcGIS Server 10.1 or higher. If you are using this with a feature service hosted on-premise the service must be publically accessible.

If you are using a feature service that is hosted on arcgis.com that is not shared publically you will need to pass --authenticate along with other options to authenticate and access the service.

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