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Utilities for testing a FeathersJS app with Mocha


npm install feathers-mocha-utils

Setting Up Your Project for Testing

Before every test, the Feathers server needs to be running. After all tests are complete, the server should close for the Node process to terminate. You can create a setup utility in your local project to easily accomplish this with Mocha's before and after functions:


const app = require('../../src/app')
let server
before(done => {
  const port = app.get('port')
  server = app.listen(port)
  server.once('listening', () => {
    setTimeout(done, 500)
after(done => {

Require this file at the top of every test, and it will take care of making sure the server starts and stops when it's time.

Assertion Utilities

Several assertion utilities are included. Check out example usage in the test file.

  • methodNotAllowed
  • requiresAuth
  • disableMultiItemChange
  • notImplemented
  • forbidden
  • notFound
  • canPatch
  • cannotPatch

All of the assertion utilities are in the assert attribute of the default export. Here's an example of how to use the assert.requiresAuth util. The example assumes you have a /todos service that requires authentication for every method.

require('../setup') // Start the server before tests run and close on finish
const utils = require('feathers-mocha-utils')
const app = require('path/to/app') // path to app.js
const feathersClient = require('path/to/feathers-client') // path to feathers-client.js
const todoServiceOnClient = feathersClient.service('todos')
describe('Todo Service - Unauthenticated Client', function () {
  // These are the methods we want to test
  const methods = ['find', 'get', 'create', 'update', 'patch', 'remove']
  // For each method, run the assertion
  methods.forEach(method => {
    it(`requires auth for ${method}`, function (done) {
      return utils.assert.requiresAuth(todoServiceOnClient, method, done)

Assertion APIs

  • utils.assert.methodNotAllowed(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.requiresAuth(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.disableMultiItemChange(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.notImplemented(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.forbidden(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.notFound(service, method, done)
  • utils.assert.canPatch(service, recordToPatch, attributeToPatch, newValue, done)
  • utils.assert.cannotPatch(service, recordToPatch, attributeToPatch, newValue, errorClassName, errorMessage, done)


Copyright (c) 2017

Licensed under the MIT license.