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This repo contains all core gulp tasks which can be configured and used in any FEAR projects alltogether or individually.

The Core tasks in this repo are provided in a factory function format for developer convenience, so you can use the functionality but can give any name to the task you create and configure it as much as the Core Task API makes it possible (see examples below).


To use any of the provided Core gulp tasks, please install the module first:

$ npm install --save-dev git+ssh://

PLEASE NOTE the above command requires npm version 2.7.1 or above, see this issue.

Post install script

When npm installs the this core module, it will run the included postinstall script which copies default config files to the application / project's root folder, unless they exist.

$ npm install
FEAR Core tasks: skipped copying default karma.conf.js
File already exists in project root

This can help scaffolding a new project and also keeping our standards.

The copied default files are:

  • .editorconfig
  • .eslintrc
  • .eslintignore
  • .gitignore

Take a look the node_modules/fear-core-tasks/defaults folder for more details.

Usage in gulptask.js

In gulpfile.js pull in fear-core-tasks

var fearCoreTasks = require('fear-core-tasks');