featherlight configuration handler for node.js


fconfig is a minimal configuration library for node.js, inspired by the config class of the ZEND PHP framework.

It allows multi-environment configurations to be read from either static .JSON-files or dynamic .js & .coffee-files.

By organising your configuration in environment-specific blocks and configuring fconfig accordingly, you only have to write minimal configuration as non-default configurations automatically base themselves upon the default environment.

Ie. anything that is declared in development is automatically extended to other environments such as production when development is set as your default environment. (See example below)

Example configuration

module.exports = 
    # /configs/config.coffee
      sendEmails: false
        host: ""

      # Just do "config.get "advancedStuff" and your closure is invoked
      # automatically!
      getAdvancedStuff: -> returnMath.random() + 10
    # This block will extend the above "development" block so only
    # specify what needs to differ here
        host: ""

    # app.coffee
    fconfig = require "fconfig"
    config =  new fconfig
      config:      "config.coffee"
      env_default: "development" # Set the development-block as default

See the example/app.coffee file for more details.


npm install fconfig


See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2012 Joakim B