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Important !

[ ENG ]: This package require NodeJS 14.17.0 to work properly.

[ VIE ]: Gói này yêu cầu NodeJS 14.17.0 để hoạt động bình thường.

Notification !

Support Language :

  • English
  • VietNamese
  • Tagalog
  • Cebuano(Bisaya)

Api For ChatBot Messenger

Facebook already exists and allows users to create Api for Chatbots 😪 Here => Here.


If You Want To Use It, Download It By:

npm i fca-cyber


npm install fca-cyber

It Will Download To node_modules (Your Lib) - Note Replit Will Not Show Anywhere To Find 😪

Download Latest Version Or Update

If You Want To Use The Latest Or Updated Version Then Go To Terminal Or Command Promt Type:

npm install fca-cyber@latest


npm i fca-cyber@latest

If You Want To Test Api

The benefit of this is that you won't waste time paying and having an account 😪 Please Use With Test Account => Facebook Whitehat Accounts.


const login = require("fca-cyber"); // get it from lib

// log in
login({email: "Gmail Account", password: "Your Facebook Password"}, (err, api) => {

     if(err) return console.error(err); // error case

     // create a bot that automatically imitates you:
     api.listenMqtt((err, message) => {
         api.sendMessage(message.body, message.threadID);


As a result, it will imitate you as shown below: screen shot 2016-11-04 at 14 36 00 screen shot 2016-11-04 at 14 36 00 screen shot 2016-11-04 at 14 36 00

If You Want Advanced Use Then Use The Bot Types Listed Above!


You Can Read Full Api At => here.

Settings For Mirai:

You Need To Go To File Mirai.js, Then Find Line

     var login = require('depend on bot');
     /* Maybe :
         var login = require('@maihuybao/fca-Unofficial');
         var login = require('fca-xuyen-get');
         var login = require('fca-unofficial-force');

And Replace It With:

     var login = require('fca-cyber')

After that, run normally!


If You Want To Research Or Create Your Own Bot, Go To This To Read Its Functions And How To Use => [Link](https://github.com/Schmavery/facebook-chat-api#Unofficial %20Facebook%20Chat%20API)

Save Login Information.

To Save, You Need 1 Apstate Type (Cookie, etc,..) To Save Or Use Login Code As Above To Log In!

And this mode is already available in some Vietnamese bots, so you can rest assured!

Instructions With Appstate

const fs = require("fs");
const login = require("fca-cyber");

var credentials = {email: "FB_EMAIL", password: "FB_PASSWORD"}; // account information

login(credentials, (err, api) => {
     if(err) return console.error(err);
     // log in
     fs.writeFileSync('appstate.json', JSON.stringify(api.getAppState(), null,'\t')); //create appstate

Or Easier (Professional) You Can Use => c3c-fbstate To Get Fbstate And Rename It Back To Apstate! (appstate.json)


FAQS => Link




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