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This package has been deprecated

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WARNING: This project has been renamed to 'fbash'. Install using 'npm install -g fbash' instead.


1.0.2 • Public • Published


Terminal over Facebook Messenger, without continuously running browser instances.

Installation and Setup

  1. Install through npm.
npm install fbterm -g


fbterm can be started using the command fbterm.

All running fbterm processes can be stopped using the command fbterm-stop.

When fbterm is initally run, it will prompt the user for Facebook credentials. In subsequent runs, it will use a saved app state.


After starting the script on your computer, you can access your terminal by messaging a command to yourself on Facebook. You can use most commands through fbterm. It will respond with @fbterm followed by the standard output, standard error, or other errors. fbterm does not allow using commands which require user interaction, such as vim.

Note: fbterm is not a truly stateful terminal; it cannot handle environment variables and other functionality associated with terminal state. The working directory is handled manually by parsing cd commands. Because of this, compound commands with a cd component will not function properly, and may cause unexpected errors.


npm i fbterm

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