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function bucket is an opinionated toolkit for building a web server that helps to quickly pull together data in a JSON format to support web app development.

for a simple fbkt package, use the fbkt-extension-starter

base fbkt package

  • fbktPipe
    • custom pipeline pattern for developing server-side code
  • fbktServer
  • utility
    • file i/o
    • handlebars templating
    • crypto
    • custom errors
  • restApi
    • express-based (this lib could be broken out to support other servers)
  • fbktPassport
    • token-based auth
    • this area of the stack should be improved... seif?, oauth, etc.
  • graphQl
  • dynamically compose a graph-ql schema from multiple fbkt-based libs

extension libraries

  • fbkt-pg
    • dbManager
      • build, wipe, rebuild db for quick dev changes
      • patchDb on deployment
    • coreDb
      • fbkt_core_db schema to track db script management and fbktPipe records
      • exposes /fbkt and /ping api endpoints for default restApi
    • dbAccess
      • wraps knex.js for traditional db access. (this is an old component that will be re-written, but it works for now)
      • data composition by configuration(json aggregation in the db)
  • fbkt-login
  • requires fbkt-pg
  • provides basic schema for managing organizations, contacts, licenses