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Facebook Global ID (fb-global-id)

An Express-based WebService which uses PhantomJS to get the global Facebook user_id, as well as the global profile_url from an app-scoped user_id


Installation is pretty simple. Just install PhantomJS as a prerequisite and clone the Repository in a new directory.



Project setup
  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. Enter your FB credentials in app.js replacing the {FB_USERNAME} (email address) and {FB_PASSWORD} (password)


  1. npm start
  2. Access WebService by calling http://localhost:3333/getGlobalID?id={APP-SCOPED-ID}
  3. Result will look like:

Be aware that it can take around 1 second per call. Version 0.0.3 was optimized so that the login to Facebook is only done once with the application start.