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Super simple util for setting the favicon of a page:

  • No dependencies
  • Only works in browsers that let you dynamically set favicons: FF, Opera, Chrome
  • Is exported as CommonJS for those who like that <3
  • Becomes a jQuery plugin if not commonJS and jquery is on the page
  • Else add a setFavicon function to the window

How to use it:

Step 1. include it:

<script src="favicon-setter.js"></script>

Step 2. Set your favicon like so:

window.setFavicon('/new-url.png'); // should be 16x16 image (pngs are best) 

That's it!

CommonJS Version

If you're using this on the client but your project is in node.js you can install this with: and npm:

npm install favicon-setter

Then just do this:

var setFavicon = require('favicon-setter');


If you've got jquery on the page, insert this after including jQuery.


Restoring the original

Just one other little trick. If the original favicon was set by using a <link rel="shortcut icon"> tag then you can restore the original after setting it by calling setFavicon() without any arguments.


Props to @mathias for this: which served as starting point for this code.



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