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Mock requests to knox module using file system


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A mock knox wrapper

Froked from

npm install faux-knox-2

npm test

var knox = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'
           ? require('knox') : require('faux-knox');
var client = knox.createClient({
    bucket: 'local/filesystem/dir'
    //... other settings 
//use client everywhere a regular knox client will be used. 
function(uri, headers, callback)
callback(err, cres)

cres is a readable stream with headers attached.

function(from, to, callback)
callback(err, res)

from is the path to a local file to be read

to is the path to write the from bytes mounted in the bucket specified.

res.headers.statusCode is 201 on successful creation.

function(buffer, to, headers, callback)
callback(err, res)

buffer is the buffer to write

to is where the buffer is written

headers used by knox module, ignored here

res.headers.statusCode is 201 on successful creation.

function(file, callback)
callback(err, res)

file path in bucket to delete

res.headers.statusCode is 204 on successful deletion.

All of the other knox functionality