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Fastur - Build!

Fastur is designed to be the fastest solution for building products. It supports ecommerce and recurring billing.

const fastur = require('fastur');
fastur(' query ');
//app is live! 

Table of contents


  • You can stream any response to a local file stream. This annotates the stream and returns the result within the files metadata.
fastur('url file_name');
  • You can stream a local file to a PUT or POST request.
fastur('file_name url');
  • You can stream one response to a request.
fastur('url url');
  • Transformations
fastur('file transform resize source target size_width size_height');
fastur('file transform crop source target size_width size_height gravity');


  • List all plans
fastur('plans list');
  • Create a new plan
fastur('plans create name interval amount currency');
  • Exchange username / password for customer_id (Authenticate)
fastur('email password');
  • Subscribe a customer
fastur('customer_id plan quantity');