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    Fastify Secrets AWS


    Fastify secrets plugin for AWS Secrets Manager.


    npm install --save fastify-secrets-aws


    Get permissions to access AWS Secrets Manager

    In order to be able to read from AWS Secrets Manager you will need some permissions.

    You will also probably manage permissions in different ways in local dev and production environment.

    Local dev environment

    In general you may want to use a different secrets manager on your local machine (i.e. fastify-secrets-env to read secrets from env variables).

    If you want to run fastify-secrets-aws in the local environment you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Create a AWS user with programmatic access via IAM
    2. Grant the new user the policy SecretsManagerReadWrite
    3. Store the access key id, secret access key and region in your local AWS configuration
    4. Ensure that the configuration is loaded by the SDK, which may require setting the AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG environment variable to a truthy value or populate the configuration via environment variables altogether
    5. You're ready to run your app

    Production environment

    If you already have a AWS user you will need to give it access to Secrets Manager by adding the policy SecretsManagerReadWrite.

    Otherwise you will need to create a new user with access to Secrets Manager by adding it the same policy SecretsManagerReadWrite.

    Add plugin to your fastify instance

    const FastifySecrets = require('fastify-secrets-aws')
    fastify.register(FastifySecrets, {
      secrets: {
        dbPassword: 'secret-name'

    secret-name is the name of the secret as created in AWS Secrets Manager.

    Access you secrets

    await fastify.ready()
    console.log(fastify.secrets.dbPassword) // content of 'secret-name'

    Plugin options

    The plugin only expect the secrets object in the options.

    It is a map of keys and resource ids for the secrets. fastify-secrets-aws will decorate the fastify server with a secrets object where keys will be the same keys of the options and the value will be the content of the secret as fetched from AWS Secrets Manager




    Copyright NearForm Ltd 2020. Licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.


    npm i fastify-secrets-aws

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