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Fastify plugin for HTTP/2 automatic server push

This is not an official Google product.

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP protocol. One of its differences from HTTP/1 is server push, which allows a server to pre-emptively send responses to a client in association with a previous client-initiated request. This can be useful when the server knows the client will need to have those responses available in order to fully process the response to the original request.

It sounds simple and easy but is quite tricky for service developers to manually figure out and configure what resources to push in association with another resource. There are also many pitfalls the implementors must know about. See Rules of Thumb for HTTP/2 Push for the details.

This project is for automating server push and getting rid of the need for manual configurations from service developers. It is a fastify plugin that serves static files and is implemented on top of the h2-auto-push package. It can be thought as a replacement of the fastify-static plugin that supports automatic server-push.

For more details, see the h2-auto-push package.

This package currently works only with Node >=9.4.0.

How to use

import * as fastify from 'fastify';
import {staticServe} from 'fastify-auto-push';
const app = fastify({https: {key, cert}, http2: true});
app.register(staticServe, {root: 'path/to/static'});

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