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fastboot-watch-notifier is an Ember fastboot-app-server notifier which restarts the server on watched file changes. It supports polling.

This package uses sane and exposes its options in order to support polling. Why? Because 1) Vagrant volumes need to use NFS for performance and 2) NFS does not support change events.


const FastBootAppServer = require('fastboot-app-server');
const FastBootWatchNotifier = require('fastboot-watch-notifier');
const distPath = '/app/dist';
const debounceDelay = 250;
const notifier = new FastBootWatchNotifier({
  saneOptions: {
    poll: true,
const server = new FastBootAppServer({

See sane for available saneOptions. Inspired by fastboot-fs-notifier.

Don't feel like adding this dependency? Do it yourself like this gist.