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FastBoot S3 Fetch Notifier

This notifier for the FastBoot App Server works with AWS S3 to poll an object's Last Modified header to detect when you have deployed a new version of your app. This notifier is a fork of fastboot-s3-notifier, that makes use of node-fetch instead of the s3 client.

To use the notifier, configure it with an S3 host, bucket and key:

const S3Notifier = require('fastboot-s3-notifier');
let notifier = new S3Notifier({
  host: "",
  bucket: "bucketname",
  key: "path/to/fastboot-deploy-info.json",
let server = new FastBootAppServer({
  notifier: notifier

When the notifier starts, it will poll the object at the specified bucket and key. Once the LastModified metadata changes, it will tell the FastBoot App Server to fetch the latest version of the app.

Note that you should point the notifier at a static path on S3, like fastboot-deploy-info.json. That JSON file should then point the app server to the latest application bundle. This way, you don't have to propagate configuration changes to all of your app servers, and they can poll a single key in perpetuity.

If you like this, you may also be interested in the companion fastboot-s3-downloader, which parses the above-described JSON file to find and download the latest version of your app.

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