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Fastack npm version

Fastack is a zero-configuration development tool that makes developing client-side-only apps easy. Run $ fastack in your app directory to automatically enable the following features.


Easy module loading

  • Every file in your app directory is implicitly loaded into your Fastack application. Just drop, styles.sass or my-code.js somewhere into your app directory and Fastack will load it.
  • Need to install a dependency? fastack:my-app $ install jquery will install modules from JSPM

Package management

Pre-compiler support

  • SASS
  • CoffeeScript

Auto reload on file changes

Hot module replacement implementation coming soon. See below.

Package management


$ npm install -g fastack

Fastack is an immersive command line application. Running $ fastack will drop you into a new prompt with a number of sub-commands available. Run help in the Fastack prompt for more information.

$ mkdir my-app
$ cd my-app
$ fastack
fastack:my-app $ init

Coming Soon

  • Hot code reload
  • Application export
  • Fastack deploy
  • LESS support
  • TypeScript support