Command line interface for deploying and interacting with Fastack


Fastack is a zero-configuration development tool that makes building client-side-only apps a breeze. Run $ fastack in your app directory to automatically enable the following features.

Fastack uses DuoJS to manage front-end dependencies. Simply require a library or file to use.

  • Use a local javascript file require('./local-file.js')
  • Use a package on github require('matthewmueller/uid')
  • Use a local CSS file @import local-file.css
  • Use some CSS on github @import 'necolas/normalize.css'
  • JSON and HTML can also be require'd into your code: require('./options.json')

More information on using DuoJS packages can be found here:

  • CoffeeScript

Pre-compiled languages are detetected and automatically compiled and delivered.

Inline source maps are generated in development mode.

Live reloading is automatically inserted into your application. Full page reloads when javascript, html or configurations are change, only CSS is refreshed when styles are changed.

$ npm install -g fastack