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node module and command-line program for accelerated (multiple connections) http download Stream

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$ npm install -g fast-download to install as a command-line program or $ npm install --save fast-download to add it to your project

command-line usage

$ fast-download -h
  Usage: fast-download [options] <urls>
    -h, --help             output usage information
    -V, --version          output the version number
    -d, --directory <s>    destination directory (default: current working directory)
    -f, --filename <s>     destination filename (default: base filename in url)
    -o, --overwrite        overwrite existing file (default is to resume)
    -c --chunksAtOnce <n>  the number of data chunks to download at the same time (default: 3)
    -s --chunkSize <n>     the size of a data chunk in MB (default: 0, meaning file size divided by chunksAtOnce)
    -t, --timeout          timeout on http requests in seconds (default: 0, meaning no timeout)
    -w, --width <n>        display width (default: 72)

module usage


var FastDownload = require('fast-download');
var dl = new FastDownload(url, options);
dl.on('error', function(error){throw error;})
dl.on('start', function(dl){console.log('started');})
dl.on('end', function(){console.log('ended');});

or use the constructor callback instead of the 'start' event (you may use both together)

var FastDownload = require('fast-download');
new FastDownload(url, options, function(error, dl){
    if (error){throw error;}
    dl.on('error', function(error){throw error;});
    dl.on('end', function(){console.log('ended');});

once the 'start' event has fired, you can access dl.headers, dl.chunks, and other data members


'destFile' if set, download is written to this file location. default: null

'resumeFile' if 'destFile' is set and 'resumeFile' is true, the download will start where the existing file leaves off. default: false

'start' the starting position in bytes. default: 0

'end' the ending position in bytes. default: null (end of file)

'chunksAtOnce' the maximum number of chunks to download at a time. default: 3

'chunkSize' the size of each chunk in bytes. default: null (download size divided by 'chunksAtOnce')



  • Added changelog lol
  • Don't rely on sketchy request 'end' event
  • Added badges/shields to readme