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    farm allows allows you to create a resilient multi-process architecture from your CLI. It's based on worker-farm.

    Note: See examples for common user case.


    First, install the library globally:

    $ npm install farm-cli --global

    Additionally, you can invoke it using npx:

    $ npx farm-cli

    Getting Started

    Basic Usage

    You need to specify a file and export a main method as entry point.

    const createLog = n => (...args) => console.log(`[#${n}${args}`)
    module.exports = function (opts, exit) {
      const { isMaster, maxWorkers, worker } = opts
      log(`I'm worker ${worker + 1} of ${maxWorkers} ${isMaster ? '(master)' : ''}`)

    Finally, invoke the file using farm:

    $ farm examples/basic
    [#0] Hello I'm worker 1 of 4 (master)
    [#1] Hello I'm worker 2 of 4
    [#2] Hello I'm worker 3 of 4
    [#3] Hello I'm worker 4 of 4

    Creating Your Own Farm

    By default, the library will create as many processes as number of CPUs in the machine and a thread per process.

    Let's use the same example but this time specifying multiple threads per process

    $ farm examples/basic --threads=2
    [#0] Hello I'm worker 1 of 8 (master)
    [#1] Hello I'm worker 2 of 8
    [#2] Hello I'm worker 3 of 8
    [#4] Hello I'm worker 4 of 8
    [#5] Hello I'm worker 5 of 8
    [#6] Hello I'm worker 6 of 8
    [#7] Hello I'm worker 7 of 8
    [#8] Hello I'm worker 8 of 8

    This time the farm has 2 threads per process (2 threads * 4 cores = 8 workers).

    Type farm --help to know more.

    Passing File Arguments

    The parameters passed after the filename will used as file arguments:

    $ farm examples/fiboniacci --memoize
    [#0] Enable memoize mode!

    Load Configuration File

    The same things passed to farm from a .farmrc file created in the same directory.

    $ ls -al examples/load-config
    -rw-r--r--@ 1  50 Jan 21  2017 .farmrc
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 105 Nov 26  2017
    -rw-r--r--@ 1  50 Jan 21  2017 index.js

    Resilient Errors

    If a process unexpectedly dies for any reason, it automagically re-enter.

    This can be adjusted using --retries flag.

    Type farm --help to know more.

    Finishing the Execution

    When you want to finish, call the second argument:

    module.exports = function (opts, exit) {
      const { worker } = opts
      setTimeout(() => {
        console.log(`[#${worker}] bye bye!`)

    It will finish gracefully when all the threads exit.

    Debug Mode

    If you need to debug, enable it passing DEBUG=farm as environment variable

    DEBUG=farm examples/fiboniacci --memoize


    farm-cli © Kiko Beats, released under the MIT License.
    Authored and maintained by Kiko Beats with help from contributors. · GitHub Kiko Beats · Twitter @Kikobeats


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