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A simple test runner that finds and runs multiple node.js files, while providing useful information about output and exit codes.


far tries to be a good unix citizen. This means all non-essential output is written to stderr, and only the final result is printed to stdout. Exit codes of all executed files are interpreted, and it is easy to combine far with other tools like find and xargs.

Command Line Interface

By default, node-far will execute all *.js files in the given directories.

node-far test/

You can also execute multiple individual files:

node-far test/test-a.js test/test-b.js

Or you can specify regular expressions to be matched against against the list of all included files.

node-far test/ -i "test-.*\.js$"

And of course you can also exclude files the same way:

node-far test/ -e "common\.js$"

Output Verboseness

The amount of output can be controlled via the -v flag. Setting it once, will list all executed tests on one line, as opposed of re-writing the status to the current line.

node-far -v test/

Setting the verbose flag twice, will show the output from all executed files as they are being executed. Otherwise only the output of commands with an exit code other than 0 is shown.

node-far -vv test/

API Interface

As shown below, configuring your own test suite can also be done programtically.

var far = require('far').create();
// Include an individual file (relative the the current working directory) 
// Include all files from a given directory 
// Add an include filter to be matched against all added files before execution 
// Add an exclude filter, which filters out all matching paths before execution 
// Execute the test suite 


  • TAP output
  • Handle Ctrl+C
  • Allow setting node flags
  • Execute non-node files


far is licensed under the MIT license.