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Fantasy Content Generator


Simple API for generating flavourful and interesting fantasy gaming content. Need an NPC? A name? A magic item? You came to the right place.

Top Features Include:

  • Interesting, flavoursome, and narrative-focused content, designed for roleplaying and inspiration for DMs
  • Easy to understand API
  • A single dependency (
  • Can be used in both Node & browser
  • Optional seeding for deterministic generation
  • Ties-in to D&D 5E mechanics (weapon stats, magic effects, etc.)

Using this library in a project? Please let me know!



npm install --save fantasy-content-generator

import FCG from "fantasy-content-generator";

Browser/Direct <script> Include

Download fantasy_content_generator.js direct from Github and include in a script tag.

<script src="./fantasy_content_generator.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

  // API available on window.FantasyContentGenerator


import FCG from "fantasy-content-generator";

  seed: <uuid>,
  name: 'Sutha Chernin',
  race: 'halfOrc',
  gender: 'female',
  formattedData: {
    name: 'Sutha Chernin',
    race: 'Half-Orc',
    gender: 'Female'

  seed: <uuid>,
  storyhook: 'An NPC takes a liking to a PC'

  seed: <uuid>,
  name: 'Biri Drachedandion',
  gender: 'female',
  race: 'dragonborn',
  traits: [
    'I am unusually tall for my race.',
    'I\'m very clumsy.'
  desires: [
    'I want to prove myself in combat, so I\'m going to win a tournament.'

  seed: <uuid>,
  type: 'large_city',
  population: '45,760'

  seed: <uuid>,
  type: 'weapon',
  subtype: 'Battleaxe',
  powerLevel: 'minor',
  schoolOfMagic: 'necromancy',
  effects: [
    'On a successful attack, target must make a DC 12 CON save or take an extra 1d2 of Necrotic damage. This effect occurs once per day.'
  formattedData: {
    title: 'Battleaxe of Minor Necromancy'


API Reference

There are a number of "sets" available. These are

  • Names - generates names based on race and gender
  • NPCs - generates full NPCs
  • Loots - generates loot and treasure
  • MagicItems - generates magic items
  • Storyhooks - generates storyhooks
  • Settlements - generates settlement information

and can all be found on the base Fantasy Content Generator object.

Sets expose a generate() function, some expose others unique to that set.

Many of the sets are currently WIP and quite limited. More content to come soon! Follow me on Twitter for release and update details.


npm test

If you want to run a specific test file manually, ensure you set ENVIRONMENT=test



If you're wanting to quickly test some changes, the best way is to

  • npm run build:node && node to get a Node build locally and run a node instance locally
  • const FCG = require('./dist/index.js'); to load FCG into memory
  • FCG.NPCs.generate(); you can then start running generators, and seeing the JSON output in your console

Open Sourcery

Open up a PR!

Please make sure your PR includes;

  • a thorough description, including what you're changing and why
  • tests
    • if you're touching utils stuff, tests to ensure behaviour is correct
    • if you're adding/amending sets, tests to ensure that the final returned object doesn't contain any undefined's, etc.

If you want to use content taken from other sources, please check with their licensing first. For example, D&D 5E content is OK, as long its from the SRD.


With permission to release, simply run any one of;

  • npm run publish:patch
  • npm run publish:minor
  • npm run publish:major

from your CLI and follow the steps. Requires NPM to be installed locally on your machine.


d100 Community - Endless Inspiration

tmcgry - Code & Content

SkyD1vingNun - Additional Content - Random seeding code, huge thank you

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