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A modern, universal (Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux), React Native UI components library and UX framework based on Google's Material Design

Heroic Intro 😆😂

At Fantastic Frontends we believe that multiplatform development frameworks will be the norm in the future. Frontend development it's challenging when going multiplatform. If you're developing for the Web, you get the "browser quirks", if you go for mobile and desktop then you have completely different platforms to deal with. Our goal is to abstract away all of these useless annoyances while at the same time giving you top-notch UI libraries to compose unforgettable user experiences. Whatever the scale of your app, tiny, simple, medium, humongously large, we got you covered, our solutions fits all. FantasticMaterial fully embraces Google's Material Design and you can use it in any supported platform without any "quirk" showing up.

🌠It's React Native🚀

React Native is a very powerful multiplatform development framework for many reasons, some of them are:

  • JavaScript as primary programming language: The most popular and widely used language in the world, for better or worse. Ensuring a high adoption rate and low learning curve for most developers out there. From Web developers, to NodeJS developers to any JavaScript developers, the entry level to React Native is very low due to the language reuse.
  • A React spin-off, the most popular Web UI Framework: While having unique concepts of its own, React Native has React at its core and benefits directly from any major aadvancement in that framework like Hooks, Context, etc. React has revolutionized the way we build and compose UI/UX experiences for the Web. React Native benefits from the technical and philosophical inheritance from React, and it's perhaps its strongest point.
  • Vast multiplatform support: Although not perfect yet (as if anything could be), you can leverage React Native to write Web, Android, iOS and Electron apps, covering every major platform in the market, from Mobile, to Web, to Desktop (Windows, Linux and macOS).
  • Vibrant community: The combination of React/JavaScript gives the React Native developer the biggest development community in the world! The amount of software in any form, be it open source, free, paid, closed, packages, whatever... it's so big it literally has a name for it, "JavaScript Fatigue". You can get practically whatever you need and if not, you will have a really good starting point with open source packages, and if you get stuck, simply post your question to the million-size community!

⚡⭐Happy coding!!!🖖🎉

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