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    Welcome to the GitHub repo. If you are interested in evaluating, we are now in open beta.

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    About is a free and open source JavaScript platform for building mobile apps and desktop experiences. What makes unique is its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine that gives developers the power and tools to build native quality apps and animations using pure JavaScript. runs on iOS, Android, Kindle and Firefox devices and integrates with Angular, Backbone, Meteor and Facebook React.

    Getting Started University University is a free live coding classroom that teaches all levels of developers how to utilize to build beautiful experiences on every screen. If you are new to or to coding you will find that University is the best place to get started.

    Seed Projects

    There are a number of seed projects to get you started with the various ways of consuming

    Global Seed

    This project shows the easiest way to get started with, using a version that loads on the global (window) object. This project requires zero tooling, and is ready to work out of the box. For speed and simplicity this seed project points at a version of that lives on our CDN (content delivery network). You don't even have to do a git clone, you can get started right away simply by downloading the zip.

    Requirejs Seed

    This project can be used to get you started using with the AMD module loading pattern via RequireJS. This project is created using the latest version of our Yeoman Generator (see below), and includes an entire tooling stack neccessary to bring your product to development.

    Browserify Seed

    This project can be used to get you started using with the CommonJS module loading pattern with Browserify and npm. This seed project should be treated as experimental, it is for those who want to try and develop client side code using npm.

    Yeoman Generator (Grunt Toolbelt)

    If you would like to scaffold an app with from the command line, install our yeoman generator via npm.

    npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower generator-famous
    mkdir newProject
    cd newProject
    yo famous
    grunt serve

    Preparing your project for distribution is then as simple as:



    Cloning this repository directly is primarily for those wishing to contribute to our codebase. Check out our contributing instructions to get involved.

    Note: cloning only provides the folder with all code, but it does no application scaffolding. You will additionally need to create your own index.html, and include the famous.css file that is included in famous/core. Require.js is currently a hard dependency to work off of the head.


    • Guides and Examples can be found in the repo.
    • Rendered versions of the source code reference documentation: docs.


    Licensing information

    •' client-side development package is licensed under the Mozilla public license version 2.0. More information can be found at Mozilla.
    • Mozilla also maintains an MPL-2.0 FAQ that should answer most questions you may have about the license.
    • Contact for further inquiries.

    Copyright (c) 2015 Famous Industries, Inc.




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