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    A design pattern that decouples modules using the mediator pattern.

    Getting started

    Install using bower or npm

      bower install famous-mediator
      npm install famous-mediator


    Use the mediator pattern to decouple modules

    • Promotes clean, reusable modules
    • Clear seperation of concerns - no more sneaky business logic in your templates!
    • Is the perfect place for hacks, experiments, monkey-patches and workarounds. And because all of your "bad" code is in the Mediators, your actual code base stays clean! (True story!)


    Imagine you have a router module and a pages module:

    1. Router.js - just tracks navigation and doesn't know about other modules

      function Router(){
        // blablabla
        this.name = 'router';
        Engine.emit('created',this) // broadcast created event
        // blablabla

    2. PageController.js - just displays pages but doesn't know how to route & navigate!

      function PageController(){
        // blablabla
        this.name = 'pages';   // name your module
        Engine.emit('created',this) // broadcast created event
        // blablabla
      // It emits an application wide event if a link is clicked.
      PageController.prototype.onLinkClick = function(event) {

    3. RouteMediator.js - couples the router and pages together!

      var Mediator = require('famous-mediator');
      // Router -> PageController
      // PageController -> Router
      // mediator translates 'link-clicked' from page to an actual
      // navigation in the router.


    The idea is to write Mediator singletons that couple modules together by:

    1. Listen to events from one module, or listen to global events.
    2. Call public API of another module

    Step 1: Create modules

    The Famo.us Engine is used as a global eventbus to announce creation of modules. If you want to register a module, simple add to your constructor function:


    A module MUST have a name to be registered. This name can be found on:

    • this.options.id = 'myCoolModule'
    • this.options.name = 'myCoolModule'
    • this.id = 'myCoolModule'
    • this.name = 'myCoolModule'


    I am using the Engine so that this Mediator module becomes an optional dependency. This enables component authors to facilitate a meditator pattern without enforcing this pattern on all users.

    Step 2: Couple modules

    The module with the name myCoolModule is accessible using Mediator.ready(moduleArray,readyCallback):

      var Mediator = require('famous-mediator');
      Mediator.ready(['myCoolModule'],function(myCoolModule){ .... });

    You can also mediate using global events and Mediator.on(eventName,moduleArray,eventcallback)

      // in PageController.js
      // in RouterMediator.js

    As you can see, you can specify a module array to ensure modules are ready.


    Use global events where you can

    • If there is only a single instance of the module
    • If the context of the module is not important

    Example: A 'navigate' or 'tweet' event doesn't care about its sender or context Counter example: A 'click' event might mean different things depending on its context (surface).

    Write multiple mediators

    Write mediators for routing, error handling, data-flow, etc. This makes it easier to maintain your software. (i.e. when you decide to switch from an REST API to Firebase, you can simply rewrite the data mediator)

    If you hack, hack in the mediators

    Keep your codebase clean and only add hacks in your mediators.

    • Mediators are application-specific and have little code. They are by definition not re-usable (because they couple). This makes it the perfect place to write hacks (which is usually highly app-specific code).
    • Mediators are high-level which make them safer to hack. When you tweak/modify/hack low-level code, you risk regression bugs and breaking everything that depends on it.


    0.2.0 (1/10/2014)

    • Added Mediator.ready and Mediator.on
    • Updated README.


    Feel free to contribute to this project in any way. The easiest way to support this project is by giving it a star.


    © 2014 - Mark Marijnissen


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