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[DEPRECATED] Please run 'npm install famous'

0.2.2 • Public • Published CommonJS

This version of has been converted to CommonJS format and is ready for use with tools like browserify and commonjs-everywhere. The only changes are:

  1. Removing the define block from each file
  2. Unindenting the code in the define block
  3. Modifying require calls to use relative paths (in cases where AMD root paths were used)
  4. Adding this CommonJS section to the root Below this section is the unaltered readme from the official (AMD) repo

For an example with browserify, see the tool used to generate this version, CommonJS Converter.

Welcome to the GitHub repo. If you are interested in evaluating, we are now in open beta.

DOWNLOAD Starter Kit
LEARN University
DOCS Documentation
HELP IRC Channel
DEMOS Mobile Interactive Demos (built by the community)

About is a free and open source JavaScript platform for building mobile apps and desktop experiences. What makes unique is its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine that gives developers the power and tools to build native quality apps and animations using pure JavaScript. runs on iOS, Android, Kindle and Firefox devices and integrates with Angular, Backbone, Meteor and Facebook React. University is a free live coding classroom that teaches all levels of developers how to utilize to build beautiful experiences on every screen.


Simple Installation ( Starter Kit)

To get up and running quickly, download our starter kit. We've loaded it with examples, demos, reference documentation, and higher-level guides.

Advanced Installation (Grunt Toolbelt)

If you would like to scaffold an app with from the command line, install our yeoman generator via npm.

npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower generator-famous
mkdir newProject
cd newProject
yo famous
grunt serve

Preparing your project for distribution is then as simple as:



Cloning this repository directly is primarily for those wishing to contribute to our codebase. Check out our contributing instructions to get involved. Since we use git submodules, all subfolders will be unpopulated unless you initialize and update your submodules. To clone from the command line, run

git clone path/to/folder
cd path/to/folder
git submodule update --init

Or clone with the --recursive flag for a conveninent the one-liner

git clone --recursive path/to/folder

Note: cloning only provides the folder with all code, but it does no application scaffolding. You will additionally need to create your own index.html, and include the famous.css file that is included in famous/core. Require.js is currently a hard dependency for using

Famous.git Package

This package contains the submodules necessary to be productive in They are all hosted on our github organization.

Submodule Description
core.git The low level componentry of, plus the required famous.css stylesheet.
events.git Events are used for communication between objects in Famous.
inputs.git The inputs library is used to interpret user input to the device.
math.git A simple math library used throughout the core.
modifiers.git Implementations of the core/Modifier pattern which output transforms to the render tree.
physics.git Core engine controlling animations via physical simulation.
surfaces.git Surfaces extend core/Surface and encapsulate common HTML tags like <img> and <canvas>.
transitions.git Transitions are used to create animation, usually by providing input to a Modifier.
utilities.git Utilities hosts various helper classes and static methods.
views.git Views are visually interactable components for use in applications.
widgets.git Widgets are small visually interactable components for use in applications with their own styling.


  • High-level documentation: guides.
  • Rendered versions of the source code reference documentation: docs.
  • Small examples of each component: examples repository.


Licensing information

  •' client-side development package is licensed under the Mozilla public license version 2.0. More information can be found at Mozilla.
  • Mozilla also maintains an MPL-2.0 FAQ that should answer most questions you may have about the license.
  • Contact for further inquiries.

Copyright (c) 2014 Famous Industries, Inc.


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